Welcome to the home page of Kesthouse Mastering and Mixing Services. My studio is located in the Pirkanmaa region of Finland, near the centre of Tampere, and in terms of its design philosophy, it represents something a bit different to what you might be used to seeing with traditional mastering studios.

In the main, the end users of music immerse themselves into recordings at home and not in a studio with top-of-the-range acoustics where things like reverberation times are dramatically different to the conditions of someone’s home.

So, I’ve spent years planning out a control room that would be as much like a living room as possible and yet extremely precise and revealing in terms of its acoustic conditions.

When I finally found an apartment with a prior commercial space downstairs that enabled the construction of such a miracle, I grabbed the bull by the horns.


Are your tracks in a dire need of mixing? Is your song lacking the necessary oomph you’re looking for? I can bring out the most potential out from your tracks with my experience from mixing and mastering numerous records from top grossing artist to niche underground productions.

From one track to whole album, from studio to live recordings I’ll make your track resonate in individual sound that it needs to make an impact or to support the full context or idea, whatever it is.

I will also consider the overall requirements of the track when preparing the format for my customers, wether it is an vinyl production, digital album for streaming or a banger for a club’s PA equipment, I’ve got you covered.


Jasse Kesti


Producer, sound engineer and masterer. Mixed and mastered countless of artists from grlittering top billing stars to underground bridge trolls. Tours as a sound technician for many Finnish top artists.

Likes to cook, get freaky with artesan coffee, ride a bicycle and his longboard and take phothograps.