I’m a well-seasoned studio and sound technician, system designer, musician, sound designer and composer. I’ve lived in Oulu and Helsinki in the past, and currently myself, my wife, my cat and my studio reside in Tampere.

I graduated from the Sibelius Academy’s Music Technology programme with top grades in 1998, having been educated by e.g. Tipi Tuovinen, Sepi Myllyrinne, Kalle Chydenius, Risto Hemmi and Dave Ward. After school, I threw my life fully on the music world’s mercy, and this is how I’ve earned by bread and butter ever since.

In addition to my studio work, I’ve also worked as audio engineer in places like the Helsinki Conservatory of Music, Kulttuuriareena Gloria, Kanneltalo and Tampere’s YO-talo (Palatsiteatteri), just to name a few.

I compose electronic music mainly under the name Possible Apple and run my Mastering Studio Kesthouse.

I keep a blog on music, audio technology and all things topical, in addition to which I am an avid cook, coffee aficionado, cyclist, science geek, downhill skateboarder and photographer.


  • Possible Apple -­ Botanical Zoo Cool Front.CD 2001
  • Possible Apple ­- Porstua [[Exogenic Records|Exogenic Breaks Records]] 2000
  • Possible Apple -­ Helsinki­-Oulu-­Äkäslompolo [[Nine2Five]]/Coffee Breaks01EP:
  • Possible Apple – Daddy [[Surreal Audio]] 2000
  • Possible Apple ­- Porstua Helium 01
  • German Elektroniks -­ Elektro Jugend 100:n.org:CD2006





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